Funders & Collaborators

Primary Funding

PAEDS is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health with contributions from the state health departments of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Grant Funding

Grant Funding

Funding from NHMRC grants supplements certain surveillance activities:


PAEDS is privileged to work with several associate investigators, collaborators and contributors. 

Acute Flaccid Paralysis

Dr Bruce Thorley and Ms Linda Hobday (Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory), members of the Polio Expert Panel of the Communicable Diseases Network Australia (CDNA)

Varicella and Herpes Zoster

Dr Cheryl Toi and Professor Dominic Dwyer (Institute for Clinical Pathology and Medical Research)


Professor Julie Bines, Dr Margie Danchin, Dr Katherine Lee, Professor John Carlin (Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne)


Associate Professor Vitali Sintchenko (Institute for Clinical Pathology and Medical Research) and Associate Professor Ruiting Lan (University of New South Wales)

Febrile Seizures

Dr Belinda Barton (The Children’s Hospital at Westmead), Professor Ingrid Scheffer and Professor Samuel Berkovic (Epilepsy Research Centre, Melbourne) [NHMRC grant: 1049557]

Acute Childhood Encephalitis

Professor Cheryl Jones, Dr Philip Britton, Dr Marino Festa, Professor Russell Dale, Dr Gulam Khandaker, and Suzy Teutsch (The Children's Hospital at Westmead).


Associate Professor Allen Cheng and FluCAN investigators, Professor Alison Kesson (The Children’s Hospital at Westmead)

The PAEDS Network also wishes to acknowledge the valuable contribution of the following individuals:

Associate Professor Yvonne Zurynski who retired from PAEDS in 2015. Yvonne played an instrumental role in the development and inception of PAEDS in 2007. Yvonne’s outstanding knowledge, research experience and leadership have assisted in the continued growth of PAEDS and she played pivotal roles in the surveillance of conditions such as acute flaccid paralysis and pandemic influenza in 2009. We wish to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to Yvonne for the solid foundation she  helped establish for PAEDS.    

We also wish to acknowledge all the heads of diagnostic microbiology laboratories and emergency departments at each of our PAEDS hospitals. The assistance of these and other hospital personnel facilitate timely and complete collection of information on children with all the serious conditions for which PAEDS conducts surveillance.

And finally, we wish to extend particular thanks to our former PAEDS investigators and coordinators/nurses for their hard work and valuable contributions.