About Us

The PAEDS network comprises The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Sydney; The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne; Women’s and Children's Hospital, Adelaide; Perth Children’s Hospital, Perth; Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane; Royal Darwin Hospital, Darwin; and Monash Health, Melbourne. The PAEDS Coordinating Centre is based at Kids Research at The Children’s Hospital Westmead, where NCIRS is located.

Dedicated and experienced research nurses are employed specifically to conduct PAEDS surveillance work at each PAEDS hospital site. PAEDS nurses scan emergency department and hospital admission records and other sources, such as microbiology and radiology records, each day to detect cases that potentially fulfil the criteria for the conditions under active surveillance. Clinical data and immunisation history, verified on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), relevant to the child’s condition are recorded in a de-identified way in a national PAEDS-specific web-based data management system.

PAEDS investigators at each site clarify clinical case presentations and liaise with hospital clinicians and laboratories to ensure surveillance data collected is optimal. Epidemiological analysis is routinely conducted to review and answer study questions on each condition. Where relevant, clinical specimens taken for patient management may be analysed further, such as for genotyping of varicella-zoster virus and influenza subtyping. All PAEDS investigators meet monthly via teleconference, and an annual 2-day face-to-face meeting is held each year.

The following personnel are directly involved in PAEDS: 

PAEDS Coordinating Centre at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney

Investigators: Professor Kristine Macartney, Associate Professor Nick Wood, Professor Robert Booy, Professor Elizabeth Elliott (APSU), Professor Peter McIntyre, Dr Philip Britton, Dr Helen Quinn, Dr Meru Sheel

PAEDS coordinating team: Nicole Dinsmore, Jocelynne McRae, Gemma Saravanos

Surveillance team: Laura Rost, Kathy Meredith

PhD students: Samantha Carlson, Jocelynne McRae, Gemma Saravanos, Lucy Deng, Ryan Lucas

Masters students: Julia Maguire, Dr James Bao

NSW Immunisation Specialist Service (NSWISS)

National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) 

Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

Investigators: Dr Nigel Crawford, Dr Daryl Cheng, Alissa McMinn

Surveillance nurses: Alissa McMinn, Donna Lee, Kate Brownlee

Perth Children’s Hospital, Perth

Investigators: Professor Peter Richmond, Associate Professor Christopher Blyth, Dr Tom Snelling

Surveillance team: Jennifer Kent, Cazz Finucane,

PhD student: Dan Norman 

Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide

Investigators: Associate Professor Helen Marshall

Surveillance nurses: Chris Heath, Mary Walker

PhD student: Bing Wang 

Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane

Investigators: Associate Professor Julia Clark, Dr Anne Kynaston, Dr Adam Irwin

Surveillance team: Sonia Dougherty, Sara Cook

Queensland Specialist Immunisation Service (QSIS) 

Royal Darwin Hospital, Darwin

Investigators: Dr Joshua Francis
Surveillance nurse: Laura Francis 

Monash Health, Melbourne

Investigators: Associate Professor Jim Buttery

Surveillance team: Gowri Selvaraj, Karen Bellamy, Catherine Au, Margaret Gibson


PAEDS is privileged to work with several associate investigators, collaborators and contributors.


PAEDS Reference Group

PAEDS is overseen by the PAEDS Reference Group which includes representatives from all participating state health departments and independent expert groups.

The Group was formed in 2013 to provide guidance on priority conditions for surveillance, potential synergies and collaborations with other surveillance schemes. This group also provides feedback on PAEDS network outputs, including translation of surveillance and research findings into policy and practice.

Members of the PAEDS Reference Group attend the PAEDS face-to-face meeting annually in Sydney.